January 6, 2011

TBS Vlogs - Week One, Day 2

Whats In YOUR Bag?

Today's Video Mentions:

Coach - www.coach.com
Madison Collection

Style By Kalyn Johnson

Nyssa Green - The GreenRoom Agency
@NyssaG and @GreenRoomAgency

Laura Mercier Lip Glace' in Babydoll and Bellini

Ray Ban Cats

NARS Blush in Orgasm


  1. My bag is insane as well but I've gotten better. My requirement is many compartments so that I can at least know where to dig for things. Oooh I need me some Orgasm *blush* lol

  2. Really enjoying your video posts. May I ask, what type of glasses you wear and where you got them. I am considering changing my frame.

  3. Love the Coach bag! Hope to find one on my doorstep someday . . . Thanks for the lovely shout-out, now I just need to get a photograph of you, your bag and it's contents so that I can feature you on Possess Your STYLE. Keep up the good work with the vlogging!

    Stylishly yours,

  4. I can't even type all that goes in my bag in this box. I wrote a post about it awhile ago.


  5. Oh I forgot, your voice sounds just like I imagined it!

  6. Like you, my bag is a brick. What don't I carry in my bag? Hmm, maybe my first vlog should be a What's In My BAG post, after all, BAG is in my blog's name... :-)

  7. Love this vlog! Too funny...both a flip and a digital. You are truly a renaissance woman!

  8. OK. SO, I'm Loving watching you on video! I've got so much 'junk' in my bag..I'm 'sked' to go through it :-\

  9. You're making me look at Coach again!

  10. Yay for the MAC C7 pressed powder. I love it. My face can't leave home without it!

  11. Aunt Oprah and ORGASM blush. Bawahaha. There's nothing left to say.

    Winks & Smiles,

  12. Um, my bag literally has my life in it. Literally. But I really need that Coach Madison in my life. (How lovely that it was brought to you at your door?) I've been hearing much about MARS Orgasm blush so I think you've made me finally give in and buy it. And we must be related, Oprah is my aunt too! LOL.

  13. I love your vlogs definitely one that I will tune in more often. That bag is a stunner!

  14. Cute! I am a Laura M & Nars lover too but am terrible about carrying my makeup with me! In my clutch last night: Orly Kiely wallet, my new Leica D-lux 5, phone, business cards and that's about it. Did I use any of it? No! But a girl needs to have her stuff with her even if it weights her down!

    xo Mary Jo


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