September 22, 2009

Some of The Broke Socialite's Distant Relatives...WASP on a Budget

WASP Work Clothes On A Budget

WASP Work Clothes On A Budget by High WASP featuring Old Navy

Over the past few days I've had the privilege of meeting two more of my high falutin' cousins: The Queen of Cashmere (good luck keeping up with her...LOVE her. She's absolutely darling) and her friend, Privelege.

I was reading Privilege's archive and came upon an article that might be a bit oxymoronic to her normal existence:
"How To Do WASP on a Budget". Think "Sex and The City"'s Charlotte York Goldenblatt.

TBS is doing pretty good with the checklist. Trench...check! Fab denim...check! Studs...check! Great bags...check!

I don't know how much WASP-ish my check list just seems to align with my signature style.

Which WASP-ish items do you swear by?


  1. I am beyond honored. And, these days, being unemployed, I am more interested in budget approaches to classic style than I was in my years gallivanting around the world. If there's interest, I'll do some more. I really look forward to reading your blog. Yours, Privilege.

  2. I love Cardigans...I have them down to a science, and always on the look out for new ones.


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