September 14, 2008

Like A Moth To A Flame…

Good Sunday morning!
I should be experiencing 10 AM church service except that I had a terribly exhausting Saturday and have decided to sleep in, enjoy a late morning brunch and consider my bad behavior yesterday.
As you may have deduced, I have little self-control when it comes to a great bargain. Now don’t get me wrong, I am fiscally responsible: I don’t live beyond my means, I pay my bills on time and I never blow my budget. Having said that, though, I can be a bit obsessive excited when it comes to a good deal and sometimes ignore the barometer that yells: “Stop it, crazy lady!”.
I, therefore, ended up at the “secret sale” from whence the coral pillows came AGAIN on Saturday morning. Now, in my defense, I was being the bestest friend ever: I really (I pinkie-swear that I did) went to buy the two pillows that Dee salivated over on Thursday night…the price was still too expensive then and I thought that I’d be able to use my negotiation skills on Saturday morning and gift them to her. Well, no such luck…”JPC” whose initials were written on a gajillion items alongside “PAID”…had bought Dee’s pillows. Damn you, JPC. But your taste is fierce, girl—whoever and wherever you are!
As many strolls as I took around the warehouse, my Bonannos(tip: check out today—it’s the last day of their annual Barefoot sale!) should have been worn down to the quick. But, baby, I was strolling with intent. The typical questions littered my thought process: Do I need “these”? No. Where would I put “‘em”? I’d find someplace. Could I possibly leave “them”? No. ‘Cause I’ll obsess about them for the Rest.Of.My.Life. So, ladies and gents, here “they” are. Originally $400 each. 3′x3′ leather, silver-hardware studded cubes. Scored for $50 each…yep! Brand new, baby! What’s more….they can serve as additional seating when we entertain AND the tops come off for storage.
Who needs Sunday afternoon football? I won the battle of the secret sale. Game over…’til next weekend, of course (wink, wink).

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