September 29, 2010

Put A Little Muscle In Your Hustle: Tory Johnson's National 'Spark+Hustle' Tour - 2 DAYS TO SAVE BIG!

Self-made woman and Good Morning America's Workplace Expert, Tory Johnson 
(aka My Sister From Another Mama)
P.S. She made this t-shirt on her own....such a hoot!

Calling all of you who want to PROFIT from your PASSION: 

*tapping you on the shoulder. Yes. YOU!*

I've earned the reputation of being a "straight-no chaser" kind of girl and I surely consider it a badge of honor.

For that reason, I'm going to cut to the bottom line about Tory Johnson's Spark + Hustle Conference which will travel to LA, Tulsa, Dallas, New York, Chicago, Boston, Orlando and, finally, Atlanta.  Listen to me carefully: attending the conference this past summer CHANGED MY LIFE.  Not much on frills and empty cheerleading but heavy on strategy, tactics and MONETIZING passions, Tory is the real deal, y'all.

As a Spark + Hustle alumna, I have built relationships that CONTINUE to lend to the success of my empire.  Tory and her team continue to ensure that we are all equipped with the resources that we need to be put 'muscle in our hustle'.  From CEOs to solopreneurs, we were exposed to some of the most dynamic and RELATABLE testimonies that we could implement IMMEDIATELY.  No sitting around and scratching our heads about what to do next, most all of us were catapulted into the realm of further action with our businesses.

Like most of us, Tory was thrown into survival-mode after losing her job just over a decade ago.  She has gone on to build her very own multi-million dollar empire from a mere $5000. If she can do it...If I can do it...SO CAN YOU.

In addition to the education that you'll receive at Spark + Hustle, there are GRAND plans to celebrate the ONE YEAR anniversary and reunion.  Tory partnered with yours truly to share one of my private The Broke Socialite Does...Sugar Coma soirees with attendees that was a BLAST! We're partnering again to create other unique after-hours social and networking opportunities. Y'all KNOW how much I love a good soiree, right?  What's more? You'll have direct interaction with Tory. She's accessible and I've seen her sit up until well beyond midnight to ensure that every S+H attendee has a clear plan/path to EARNING MORE MONEY!

Tory and her team want to help me help YOU.  In Atlanta, for example, to the tune of about $50/month, if you register now, you can take advantage of a payment plan that allows you to comfortably INVEST IN YOURSELF.  If you ACT NOW, you can save $100 off the regular registration through 9/30.

There are limited spaces available; do not let this opportunity pass you by. Can you really afford NOT to be there?


  1. I just can't wait!!!

    Thank you Tory for providing such a wonderful tour for us –

    Many Blessings to you and your family!

    Nicole Sammarco


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