September 28, 2010

Mums' The Word!

We awakened to a cool, crisp morning in Atlanta today.

Fall is, hands down, my favorite time of year.  Let's see...I love: fall fashions, comfort foods (hence these hips, of course) and all things harvest.  Mr TBS and I even married during the fall nearly 10 years ago and you should have seen all of the mums, pumpkins and candles at our wedding (trust was tasteful).

My neighbor across the way has set out some beautiful plants on her decks and it reminded me that I need to grab some mums for ours (plus...I'm not one to be outdone, you know---at least that's what Mr TBS says).  Since we opt to live in the city, we do not have a traditional yard. Therefore, I try to make our 2 decks and patio "urban cozy".

So I think some mums are in order.  Maybe I'll swing by a few thrift stores to pursue some unique planters. Now all I have to pray is that I do not kill said mums with my brown thumb. Oh yeah, there's that. Ha!

Do you landscape during the fall? What are your favorite autumnal plants?


  1. Mums for sure! And the Costco at Cumberland has ENORMOUS ones for $10.99! Full of buds, and in several beautiful colors - yellow, a rusty orange, and red, I think. Fabulous for fall and a steal at that. Can't beat it! :)

  2. I love them, but do you know the secret how not to kill them? I get maybe a week of good, and then BAM! They start to get, uh, less than desirable, poor things. I don't have a green thumb with mums!

  3. I know you are a FAMUAN and Atlanta Diva because Mums are my favorite plant! I am picking up some myself to decorate my balcony!

  4. Hahahahahahaha.

    Oh, that was a good one! Do I landscape! No, but I do pay that guy to come cut my grass when he thinks it needs it.

    My house is a hospice for plants, because it's the last place they live before they die.

  5. I have a black thumb. But luckily there was a beautiful garden here before we moved in and I pay someone to keep it alive.


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