March 10, 2010

TBS Does WASPishNess!

What does a GenX, black woman like The Broke Socialite know about being a WASP?

Well, I can certainly say "Absolutely nothing." But since there are a few WASPs (white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant) in my life, I've come to appreciate their style principles. Everyone knows that friendship (nor style) has no color and TBS is just as color-blind as they come in both arenas.

Two of my favorite WASPs have the most delightful blogs. I've been following them for quite some time and I think you should, too.  Their posts are always most beautiful, their style impeccable and I lean on them as a part of my informal advisory council.  They so know how to "be" and "do" and their musings are always quite lovely.

Amid Privilege

Queen of Cashmere

I've never laid eyes on these ladies but I've come to love them dearly (especially when it comes to dealing with teenaged boys)!  Take a pass at their blogs, won't you?

What great blogs are YOU reading these days?


  1. Oh my goodness! I am so honored, so pleased to have made your virtual acquaintance, and so completely rooting for your boy's wild success in all endeavours! TBS, you are my socialite role model. I learn from you. My mother says a simple thank you will suffice. But sometimes even High WASPs have to get loudly enthusiastic.

  2. We can see why you enjoy reading these two, they are both brilliant and entertaining, and they never disappoint. (Very much like The Broke Socialite.)


  3. Dearest TBS-
    Im not sure if you know this but you were the very first contact I ever made out here in the blogosphere. You have been my inspriation and my anchor -- friendly, funny, sage and authentic. Your endorsement means so very much to me.
    Lisa, at Privilege, is counted as a friend, too. To be mentioned in the same breath is honor indeed. I'm humbled.
    It was just the other night that an old friend of mine, from the 3D world, tried to convince me that the bloggers and people I meet here weren't *real* friends. Your post this morning elegantly illustrates my point. You and Lisa touch my life daily. We are friends, indeed.
    Someday, I hope to meet you and hug you in person. Until then, please know I'm here and will always be one of your biggest cheerleaders. Thank you for being mine.
    Warmest (Cashmere) Regards,

  4. As another one of your WASPy friends, I have to say that I, too, have been touched by your presence in the blogosphere, as well as in real life. No one rocks pearls like TBS! But seriously, I admire your style, your tenacity, your strength, your vision, your passion for family and home. Thanks for introducing me to other great women to befriend and admire.

  5. Honestly, TBS, you are an inspiration.

  6. Thanks for sharing your favorite blogs with us. It makes for great reading on a rainy day in Atlanta!

  7. I agree with Queen of Cashmere. The people we have the good fortune of meeting in the blogosphere, are just as much our friends as those we come face to face with everyday.

  8. I absolutely love your blog and come by to get my fix daily lol
    Here are a couple more blogs I love:

    This is glamours

  9. your blog name is a misnomer. you maybe 'broke' as you say, but style and real class DO NOT denote money - it's what's inside and how you handle yourself. Honey, you're one class act!


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