February 24, 2010

Thank You, ScoutMob...TBS Is Today's Local Mug

Thank you to the folks over at ScoutMob...a concept after my own heart. Each weekday, the ScoutMob team showers us with deals for local spots (everything from restaurants to doggie grooming) at ridiculous discounts.  Last Friday, in fact, we took advantage of the 50% off coupon (get this...the coupons are delivered to my iPhone...I know...cool, right?) at No Mas Cantina and our $50 tab was reduced to just $26 including tax.  And y'all know how much I love a deal! We had to get out of there quickly before being arrested for highway robbery. Did I mention that our tab included a vat of 'ritas? Crazy.

Anywho....the ScoutMob team asked me to answer a few questions about TBS, living in Atlanta and the blog.  Being the dutiful socialite, I surely obliged and am today's feature in the "Local Mug" category.

Check out the interview here. If you're in Atlanta, get signed up for ScoutMob. If you're not, pray that it comes your way soon.

Image courtesy: ScoutMob

1 comment:

  1. Very cool. I keep hearing about No Mas, but haven't been because I am VERY picky about my Mexican food, being that I'm from Cali. I will say, however, that for 50% off, I would've tried it!

    Thanks for the tip.


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