February 23, 2010

I Tried!

We had a lovely weather weekend in Atlanta. It might not seem like much but, like most places, we've had a few drab weather weeks. For nearly the past month, it's either rained and/or snowed every weekend.

Mr TBS and I ventured outside the house for a couple of events: Shark Planet at The Georgia Aquarium (we did not make it in because the line was far too long for my taste...TBS does NOT do lines) and the Georgia State Wrestling Finals.  Gareth won his first two matches and advanced to the semi-finals but went on to lose the last two matches in a double-elimination scenario.  I frankly believe it was survival of the fittest on the mats. All of the kids were dog-tired and some mentally threw in the towel after so long.  Though he literally fought the good fight, methinks our kid was one who was just too tired to forge ahead.  With his elimination, we are now done with high school sports! Yes! (Did I say that out loud?) No more bleacher butt for me....well, at least until college.

I also tried two new things over the weekend:

  • Paula Deen's Southern Biscuits - I don't know why but I woke up on Sunday morning with a hankering for biscuits. The only think I knew was that I didn't want them from a bag or a can.  Since I had all of the ingredients in the pantry, I figured I'd whip up a bakers' dozen.  I'd only tried my hand at biscuits one other time and those were a disaster.  I took my time, followed the directions to the letter and whipped up a decent batch.  They were a tad blonde for my taste but I think I know how to correct them next time...broil the top for a minute or two.

  • SkinnyGirl Margaritas - Enough said. The brainchild of Bethenney Frankel of Real Housewives of New York fame, each of these pre-mixed cocktails has only 110 calories! About the same as a glass of wine. I'm usually not one for drinks whipped in advance and bottled but they've now a fan in me. A combination of silver tequila, lime and a splash of Triple Sec, it rendered the essence of margarita without the guilt. I can't wait until my next case bottle.

Have YOU tried anything new lately?


  1. I'm so glad you posted about the SkinnyGirl Margaritas! I have seen all the advertising for them but have never heard how they tasted - I am excited to try them now!

  2. Oh, now I want biscuits...hmmm, what to do, what to do.

  3. I am trying to make crepes tonight...we'll see how that goes!

  4. Noooo, don't broil the biscuits. They will probably cook too fast and become hard. You may need to adjust the heat of your oven. They looked really tasty though. Good job!

  5. where did you get the skinny girl margarita mix? i can't seem to find it any where.

  6. I love the skinny girl margaritas! I went to Arizona's and the bartender made my with Patron instead of silver tequila. They had to stick a fork in me; I was done!

  7. I'm going to try the skinny girl margaritas! Off to go check how much sugar is in the mix!


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