February 2, 2010

I'm Inspired!!!

I tend to get my inspiration from the weirdest things these days. We've talked about inspiration boards over here before. I do OK with mine but some of the things that move me can not be pegged to a bulletin board.

I thought I'd share what has my heart these days: check out this pillow. It captures a lot of what I'm feeling creatively. Though I'm not an artist or a designer, I do fancy myself a creative; so looking at things like this makes it easier for me to journal, think big, and be industrious.

I picked it up a couple of weeks ago from Ballard's Back Room near our home. I have to admit that I picked up two of them. I had to. They made me Gasp.Swoon.Faint!  The price point made my eyes twinkle a bit more. $17 each. Yep. After the discounts, I paid less than $20 for $80 pillows.

It's the marriage of the robin's egg blue and fresh green. Then it's the punch of white in the trellis. Did I mention the trellis print? So sophisticated. And the grosgrain ribbon. I'm beside myself.

There are quite a few TBS projects in the hopper and these mere pillows are my muse right now.

What's inspiring YOU lately?


  1. I need new pillows for my couch so bad! I didn't know there was a Ballard's Back Room, but I'll have to check it out. Great pillow.

  2. Call me when you want to shop bargains! Miss you and love the pillow! xoxo, Patti

  3. Right now what's inspiring me in life is my new couch. I've always wanted to express myself, be loud and frankly, not give a damn what people think but I was afraid. I live for this couch, and now I have it!


  4. I love the pillow very pretty! The pink really sets it off, im inspired too!

  5. Lovely pillow. Right now I'm afraid to get any more inspired, it might start another project, and I'm full!


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