February 4, 2010

Who Dat? The Broke Socialite's Super Bowl Menu

Let's get one thing straight. I could not care less about who wins the Super Bowl this year. The Southern Girl in me, though, has me to root for the New Orleans Saints, the southern team in the tie-up.

In honor of my friends and family with ties to New Orleans, I shall be cheffing up a pot of gumbo for Sunday's showdown and will serve it with a side of Hurricanes. I think I'm an OK gumbo chef but Mr TBS says I'm being too self-critical. I only make it a couple of times a year but when I do, it's most always a therapeutic experience.  Here's my gumbo recipe. The only variation are that I opt out of the okra and use shrimp or chicken stock in the absence of a turkey carcass.

I made the recipe a couple of Thanksgivings ago and it's been a mainstay since. I usually have most everything on hand to make it and try to keep the pot under $40 (which can sometimes be a challenge)

What will YOU serve on Super Bowl Sunday? Will you watch the game?


  1. I love the idea of eliminating the okra.

  2. Being from New Orleans originally and growing up on my Mama's & Grandma's gumbo, sans okra, there is nothing more comforting or soothing to me! Add a dash of file powder (ground sassafras leaves) on top & a shake of Tobasco & we're in business :-) Mmm... Thanks for making my mouth water for some good ole Cajun cuisine at 9 in the AM, ha!

  3. I probably won't be watching the Super Bowl unless forced. I love parties, but am not too big on just sitting around watching the game. It should be a good time to hit some stores since everyone else will be in the house!

  4. Oh goodness. I hate to admit it, but I am not a fan of Super Bowl. I will be enjoying a quiet Sunday away from the crowds watching the game. But the gumbo....if there were a party here serving it, I'd be there!

  5. Who Dat INDEED!! Not having a Bowl party, but a Mardi Gras soiree of sorts in a few with Gumbo, of course...such good stuff!

  6. WHO DAT! Of course we had gumbo. I removed it from the freezer on Saturday and allowed to thaw. LOL!

    HOW 'BOUT THEM BOYS????????? WHO DAT!!!!!


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