February 22, 2010

Modern Manners Monday: What Would You Do?

You and a friend have been invited to the home of a mutual aquaintance for a cocktail party. All is going well; everyone's mingling and having a great time.

When you walked in, you noticed a lovely Baby Grand piano in the parlour but didn't give it much thought.

After a few passed cocktails, you hear the ivories being tickled.  You stroll to the parlour and see your friend (she's had one too many) belting out show tunes and playing the piano. Strands and strands of pearls are being clutched and the whispering has begun.

What do YOU do?


  1. Because it's the home of a mutual friend, I would get her away from the piano. If she continues to get rawdy, I would take her home.

    Now, if it was my friends home (and she did'nt know them), I would have snatched her up and said have you lost your bleeping mind?!!! Let's go!!!

  2. Slide on the stool next to the friend and tell her you've been searching for her. She simply must see the hostesses newly decorated guestroom, or vase in the study or anything in any room away from the main party. Then lead her away while subtly closing up the piano keys. No need to cause a further scene.

  3. I would discreetly pull her aside, tell her that I need her help with something so we don't cause a further scene to save her from herself.

    Great question!

    Winks & Smiles,

  4. This is a good one! I would certainly slide next to her and finish up the tune, ASAP! then tell her we need another drink... she doesn't have to know it's just water! You can tell her that in the morning :) When you go with her as moral support to apologize to your friend!

  5. I would wait until the song was done and the let her know that I needed her help with something. I would also probably try to get her to leave, since the drinks have already done their "damage".

    It's too bad you weren't able to get in! We went about 3:30 but stood in the line to use the automated machine for tickets, so it wasn't that bad. Funny thing is, I always said I would NEVER go on a weekend because of the crowd, but since he had only 2 completely free days, the weekend it was. Fun times!

  6. Since it was a mutual friend's house I would just try to make a little joke and then quietly tell her I need her for something and get her out of there...if she didn't know the hostess I would probably apologize to those in near-ear shot and snatch her out of there.
    Great blog! Great topic!

  7. I would grab a microphone (hairbrush or bottle of beer) and join in the singing...encouraging everyone else to sing along....once a few join in on the silliness, it will not be something to gossip about!!

  8. I'd wait until the song she is singing is done, then start clapping loudly hoping everyone else will follow...as I walk over to her and firmly but gently grab her by the arm and say "Hey lets go freshen up!"

    YIKES...what did you do?

  9. Start singing with her, crack a few jokes and before long everyone will be laughing and all will be well. I'll church pinch her in the car on the way home.


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