February 12, 2010

Finally. January. Eddie.

For nearly a month, I've gotten email asking me when I was going to write about my wonderful January. With Sugar Coma on the brain and all of the logistics associated with making it a successful event, I can honestly say that it's taken me nearly a month to wind down and actually process all of the encounters and blessings from the first month of 2010!

The festivities began on the 4th of January when the delightful Eddie Ross and his partner, Jaithan, joined me on the New Year's edition of my Blog Talk Radio show, Gasp. Swoon. Faint. (and if you haven't joined the Facebook page, click here!). We dished everything from Eddie's stints at Martha Stewart and House Beautiful to NOT karate-chopping throw pillows (I'm still tempted to whack mine down the middle though Eddie says doing so is an atrocity...WHATEVER, Eddie!).  You know, I've grown to love Eddie and Jaithan like brothers. Who cares that they're bloggerati and just won Bloomingdales' Big Window Challenge (I do because I KNEW they could do it!)? They have become "just" Eddie and Jaithan to me. The two happened to be in Atlanta that particular week for a couple of events: their guided tours of Scott's Antique Market and Larson-Juhl (*waving* Hi, Steve, Lynn and Arlynn!) hosted a framing workshop on their lovely campus that featured Eddie and some of his projects.

While they were here, Larson-Juhl hosted a fabulous dinner to welcome Eddie and Jaithan to town. Imagine my surprise when I realized that Eddie's cast mate from Top Design, designer Kerry Howard (a.k.a. "Big Daddy"), would be joining us. Since I dashed out of the house without my camera, the dear Tami was kind enough to let me snatch a couple of her photos. Think we were having fun much?

above - "Big Daddy", Me and Eddie surely laughing at something inappropriate. After much wine.

above - My other boyfriend, Jaithan. Watch out, Eddie...I'm a cougar. Grrrr! (or is it a roar? Maybe I'm a wolf...not a cougar....LOL!) And how about my $5 bib necklace from one of my secret haunts?!

We wrapped up the weekend with the framing workshop, sure enough. Do check out Larson-Juhl's signature project, Artaissance...it's amazing and the price points are wonderful. Betwixt and between cocktails and canapes, we enjoyed a tour of their studio.

I can't say enough about how much I enjoy blogging, the people I've met and the places it's taken me. If I  were forced to give it up right this minute, I'd have soooo many stories to tell my grandchildren. Each day in blogging is a new adventure. When I started this little hobby three years ago based on a charge from a REAL Atlanta socialite when I stumbled in one of her designer tag sales, I had no idea where my passions would take me.

Tuesday. Martha. I promise.

Have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. I love Eddie Ross! I stalk his blog like crazy!

  2. We had such fun meeting you at the dinner and having you to Larson-Juhl for the tea. Can't wait to see you again soon.

  3. I love your words, and love that photo! You can tell that it was SUPER funny--I wish I would've been there so I could do my loud, "throw my head back" laugh. Fun times, and you look cute!

  4. OMG...so much fun! What a great recap! You're the best girlfriend to us both! See you on another trip so on!

    Eddie + Jaithan

  5. Your blog is so adorable. Hurry, I want to know about your experience on Martha!

  6. Do tell us what wonderful wine you were drinking there, TBS!

  7. I am so jelly...I mean..TEXAS is hurting me.


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