November 11, 2009

Charmed, I'm Sure!

Much like Santa, I've begun to make my holiday list and check it twice.  I tend to put a lot of thought in gifts to family and friends because I believe it's a direct reflection (and expression) of how much they mean to me.  As a modern stepmom, I've considered  the run-of-the-mill mother's jewelry but it's sometimes a little too traditional for my taste. 

Imagine my delight when I came upon Under Her Charm, a sweet boutique on Etsy, the crafter's/artisan's virtual marketplace.

I adore this thoughtful piece of jewelry.  Monograms, birthstones, silver, gold...what more could you ask for? Just delightful.

Wouldn't it be a great holiday *cough, Mr TBS* gift?

If you're a Mom, do you have mother's jewelry? If you're not a Mom, does anyone in your family wear it? Does it make you feel nostalgic?

Photo credit: Under Her Charm


  1. This is such a great variation on the traditional jewelry. I've seen many mothers wearing the typical pieces, but this is so fresh.

  2. So cute! Perfect for a Secret Santa gift!

  3. Funny you should ask. When my children were very little, and as it happened my mother's first grandchildren, I gave my mother a gold bracelet. On it hung two small gold discs. Totally plain, except for the name and birthday of kid 1 and kid 2, one for each, and each with a very small birthstone set in a bezel right below the circle that hooked them to the bracelet. With children born in April and July, diamond and ruby, I was a very nice daughter that year. Now that my mother has lots of grandkids, she has made herself a very nice charm bracelet. Very unique, as it turns out.

  4. I have a signet ring that belonged to my grand father. It is very special to me. My mother is still wearing all her jewelry LOL xoxo



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