November 12, 2009

Gasp.Swoon.Faint.: A New TBS Project

I've been teasing everyone over the past couple of weeks about a remarkable new project that I've been working on.  Though I've just had a soft launch of the concept, I thought it time for the BIG reveal.

Beginning Monday, November 16 at 7 PM EST, The Broke Socialite will add BlogTalk Radio hostess to her resume (this is where you clap, OK?)...and I could not be more excited.

Enter Gasp.Swoon.Faint.  It's a talk show about people, places and things that have the tendency to take your breath away.  Get it?  I've met so many remarkable folks and encountered so many lovely what-nots/concepts in the blogosphere (and Twittersphere) that I wanted to tell the world about them.  I've coupled my gift of gab with my love of people and stuff: Taaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

My first guest is a surprise for now.  The hints I've given thus far are: The First Lady. Fashion. White House. Oh, it's a doozy.  You'll have to listen to find out. No strategic "leaks" here.

Please follow the show on Facebook and TwitterHere's the link to the show!

What's making you Gasp.Swoon.Faint. these days? You never could end up on the show!


  1. Looking forward to the show. Congrats and good luck with the debut!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! Please say you'll sit in as a co-host with me soon!

  3. Looking forward to tuning into your show and seeing what you have got up your sleeve :).

  4. Congratulations! I can hardly wait. I'm so glad to have found you and your blog just in time to catch your launch. I look forward to future visits to your blog and hearing your debut show!

  5. Just signed up to get my reminder!

  6. Putting it on my calendar right now. Congrats! And I get wait to hear who your first guest will be.

  7. Big congratulations! Great news.

  8. Congratulations! Won't be able to tune in tonight, but hopefully there's a replay line.


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