September 3, 2009

A Flat...$24 - TBS Shares...For A Change!!!

Let me tell you a secret about the fair TBS. As much as I hate to admit it, I am very selfish. Especially when it comes to unique see, I don't like "running into myself". It has rarely happened but when it was enough to give me the frights of a thousand years. Paranoia aside, I do my best to be more benevolent with stylish finds., you shall benefit from my thawing heart because these shoes and their fabulosity are too wonderful NOT to share.

I ordered these last week and ,because the quality of patent can be iffy, was concerned about how they might look in person. I didn't want to recommend them to you if they turned out to'. My, oh, my...they arrived today and I almost fainted when I opened the box. Lovelies, don't hesitate...grab a pair. I've been watching these all summer and they were on backorder. I happened upon the site last week and noticed that it was meant for these to dwell in my shoe collection....they were in stock.

The brooch is heavy and complements the simplicity of the peep toe flat and will be darling with a skirt/dress, trousers or the perfect pair of jeans. Oh, I can't wait to wear them.

On sale for $30, there is a 20% sitewide discount until Monday. Do the math? Yep...$24 plus shipping and tax. They are also available in deep teal but that hue is on backorder until September 25.

I try not to steer y'all wrong...I really do. So don't wait...get them. Like NOW.


  1. Great find on the flats worth the wait1

  2. I love this blog! Great finds + a great writing style = great fun. Thanks.


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