September 3, 2009

Oh The Drama! TBS LOVES These...

I don't care what anyone says...I'm bringing the faux corsage back to my wardrobe this fall. Not only will I wear it, but I shall do so with confidence. Let's be clear about something...I LOVE, no...not that kind. To the contrary, signature pieces such as dramatic corsage on my lapel simply make me swoon.

I was enjoying Ms Bright's blogroll a couple of weeks ago and one layer led me to another and then there was emerson.

Since each of the petals is handmade, the corsage is not's an investment of sorts. I say this at the beginning of almost every season...signature pieces are the benchmark of your wardrobe. Find the best and most striking that you can afford and rock it with your head held high.

What are YOUR signature pieces for the fall?


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