August 26, 2009

Cafe Au Lait: If You Haven't, You Certainly Must

IMO, one of life's simplest pleasures is a piping hot cafe au lait.

I'm not sure how my rurally-bred self was first exposed to the delicacy. My maternal grandmother used to drink instant Maxwell House, I wasn't allowed to drink coffee until I was an adult (and I opted for International House's Suisse Mocha) and when I lived in Seattle in my early 20s, I was damned to limiting my coffee intake because I was afraid to stain my clear ceramic braces. Oh, that was torture.

As best as I can recollect, my first swig came when I visited New Orleans in May 2005. Bourbon Street, great cuisine, beautiful homes....yeah, I loved all of those things but I most remember becoming infatuated with the cafe au lait.

Here's a recipe. Try it if you've not before. Take your time. Don't rush it.

What's your fave coffee drink?


  1. I love Cafe Au Lait and try to take the time to have it every morning. I always use a french press and recently invested in a stainless steel thermal press, which is great because it keeps the coffee piping hot.

    The only thing I would add to the You Tube demo is that scalded milk isn't actually boiled, it's heated until bubbles form around the outside of the pan which avoids the problem of the milk skin (Uggh!)

    I rarely use sugar anymore, but if I do I really like raw sugar cubes.


  2. MMmm Cafe du Monde in NOLA!! Chicory coffee with milk and sugar. Perfection! Thanks again for my fantabulous dedicated mention/post!! I say "again" bc your official thanks is on my latest post, dear!

  3. I am a big fan of the Mocha (espresso, chocolate, and whipped cream) - YUM!


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