August 25, 2009

TBS LOVES This Blog: The Bright Life

She had me at her header.

I'm always (OK, well sometimes...when I'm not overwhelmed by life) looking for fab new blogs to read. While I was on vacation last week, I was reading the blogs of some of my dear "Followers" and was so delighted when I swung by Ms Bright's "place".

A designer, she has the most charming virtual disposition and her posts are borderline enchanting. Whether she is highlighting Charleston mansions from a recent vacation or recovering a footstool (seemingly a la TBS-style...budget chic), I KNOW you'll enjoy her voice.

Hopefully, we'll see her engage more here at TBS. She's a gem. Get over there.

Love you, Ms Bright!!!

Have you taken a stab at a new blog lately? Won't you share?
Photo credit: Ms Bright

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