May 15, 2009

15 Recipes in 15 Minutes! Even YOU Can Do That!

If you haven't already, pick up the June issue of bon appetit magazine. In addition to a wonderful recipe for shrimp enchiladas that I must try, I so enjoyed a story which highlights '15 meals in 15 minutes'.

God only knows how much help I need with time preservation these days. It's really been crazy, y'all. My life seems to become crazier and crazier by the day. I'm trying to figure it do I juggle it all?! I've even recently begun to think about giving up the blog (gasp!)...sad but so.

Until I decide what I'm gonna do with myself, I'm trying to cut corners.

When I saw this story, I reveled in the possibilities. I think the herbed chicken with blue cheese might be an entree that I'd like to take a stab toward soon!

So...from me to you! Consider these ideas when you're shopping this weekend for next week's meals. A bonus: the ingredients in most all of these dishes aren't that expensive.

What is YOUR quick go-to meal?
Photo credit: bon appetit


  1. Healthy but quick is always the right answer. Thanks for the article. Please don't stop blogging, I enjoy it ever so much.

  2. When I first read this headline, I was thinking ALL 15 meals in 15 minutes. How's that for a time-saver? :)

  3. YOU CAN NOT STOP BLOGGING!!! That's all I have to say about that:)

  4. Perish the thought of killing the blog. In fact go get me a switch!!!

  5. My quick to-go meal comes from a drive-thru or from my BFF Stouffers! LOL! I am hopeless!


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