May 18, 2009

Modern Manners Monday: What Would You Do?

Good Monday, everyone!

I trust that you and yours enjoyed a fabulous weekend. Mine was pretty good but I'm most looking forward to a long Memorial Day weekend in a few days.

Today's Modern Manners Monday dilemma is one that I think we're all facing in this age of technology and social networking. It's become one of the greatest debates. Legions of social networkers across the globe ponder this on a regular basis: 'To friend or not to friend'?

By now you've likely figured that I'm speaking of the Facebook phenomenon. The art of friend acquisition, sharing "What's On Your Mind?" and miles and miles of photo albums has infiltrated most all realms of society.

So here's today's scenario:

You receive a Friend Request from an acquaintance.

You wouldn't consider them a friend but you're friendly when you see them.

You know said requestor can sometimes be outspoken and rude.

What do you do? Do you use Facebook? What are some of your criteria for 'Friend' acceptance? What might cause someone to become de-Friended?


  1. I have created several friend lists with various levels of "limited profiles"...what that person can see and do on my page/newsfeed. It took some time to go back and put people in those lists, but it has made for a happy & harmonious FB experience.

    In the scenerio above, I would put them in one of my limited profiles that would restrict their ability to post anything to my wall since they have a tendancy to be rude/offensive. Not in my house ya don't.

  2. Hmmmm, well Sensei, this is a good one. First let me say that I DO NOT accept everyone who sends me a friend request. Just because we attended the same high school doesn't make us friends. I personally do not befriend people I would not invite to my home to have dinner with my family. TravelDiva has a good suggestion with creating list with limited profiles, but that's a lot of work and effort. If you are an acquaintance, hit me up on Twitter. That being said, I have grown very fond of some of my Twitter Fam, you for instance!, and have even had a few of them befriend me on FB. I graciously accepted. Because they are beautiful people who I feel enhance my life as a person.

    In all forms of social media I have one rule, be authentic and true to myself. I"m the same person no matter the network.

  3. Just like Traveldiva, I have different levels of friends. I have a few blog readers that send requests. I use to flat out decline them, but now I've started to accept them. I have them set so that they can not read my status updates nor can they view my pictures.

  4. I've done an Erica B and Travel Diva. I created my lists this weekend and it took about an hour. Really it doesn't take all that much time to do.

  5. Hey TBS,

    I don't become friends with anyone that I don't know. You just can't be nice about it. I have two people I'm about to de-friend. They post too much and about nothing I care to hear about. Sometimes you don't want to know people that well.

  6. Hmmm, I didn't even know that you can do all that stuff that TravelDiva just said. I've got to investigate my facebook page:) Thank you! Sorry Broke Socialite i'm still a FB newbie:) Let me know what you find out!

    P.S. Did you see those really cute sandals at Target, OMG I thought of you when I saw them, 14.99 I'm getting a pair as soon as I find 14.99:)

    Ms. Wanda

  7. I really dont friend anyone that I do not know or that doesnt share a few mutual friends in common. If I have to think that hard about it...I dont friend.

  8. I created lists from Day 1 of being on Facebook. Contrary to popular belief I just don't like people all that much.



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