May 14, 2009

Survival Strategies: What Are You Doing Differently?

I noticed that The New York Times has created a featured message board called "Living With Less". It's readers are invited to contribute the different ways we're approaching the global recession in our daily lives.

From "Drink water. It's good for you and free!" to "$5 Foot-Longs from Subways! Eat half for lunch, the other half for dinner.", the subscriber-provided advice runs from useful to hilarious. I was pleased to find, though, that most of it is quite practical.

Before you post your advice there, why don't you tell us: What Are You Doing Differently?


  1. Hmmmm...let's see...cashing in cans, acquainting ourselves with CoinStar, and clipping coupons. Just another day at the grocery store!

    E + J

  2. Subway not eaten right away does not taste good to me. I've tried it. I'm a book junkie and I'm in love with Borders and Barnes & Noble. But, I've been forcing myself to get my fix, sans coffee, at where I can sometimes get books for pennies.

  3. Im eating more dinners at my mom and grammas house!

  4. I'm selling clothes on Ebay that don't fit me anymore - and using the money to buy new designer things on Ebay. It kind of works out to be a trade, since the money just comes and goes from my Paypal account!


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