April 21, 2009

Wooden Hangers, Please.

I spent a little time on Sunday afternoon exchanging my winter wardrobe with some more transitional pieces for spring. First of all...gasp!...my closet is a mess but that's another post for a different day. TBS is evolving and trying to do better so I'd like to share my epiphany: NO MORE WIRE HANGERS! Yes...I've evoked my inner Joan Crawford!

True style isn't only about clothes. It's about how clothes are organized, stored and maintained. Most of us aren't in a position to overhaul our closets and install an expensive organization system, so there is a more budget-friendly way to take care of our wardrobes: wood hangers.

There are 2 basic types: the tapered version for shirts, blouses and jackets and it's sister version with clips for trousers and skirts.

The basic blonde wood hanger runs about $5. Of course, more expensive versions are available in cherry and mahogany. Whatever the price, they add life to your wardrobe. Invest in 10 at a time for a few months and within a short quarter, you'll have another way to treat your clothes better.

Try the following resources for wood hangers:

  • *You might also consider stores that are going out of business and are looking to liquidate wood hangers.

Do you ALWAYS use wooden hangers? Are you guilty of using the flimsy, wire hangers from the dry cleaners? How is YOUR closet looking these days?


  1. I mainly do the wooden hangers from Ikea. I am guilty of letting the dry cleaning hangers come in and take up residence. Besides the evil that wire hangers wreak the closet has a beautiful presentation when its uniformed with the wood hangers.

  2. I don't use wire, I have the plastic hangers that the retail stores send you home with. I've been planning for the longest to switch out my entire closet to wooden. I'll have to check out Target. No Ikea in B'Ham. :(

  3. I could break into a serious "Mommie Dearest" impression at the site of a wire hanger too - but I must admit lately I am as guilty as poor little Cristina! I think it's laziness and I am a big fan of dry cleaning (I have some great/inexpensive spots by the way!) so I think that's how they creep in. Thanks for reminding me to get back on track! ;)

  4. I have found that I have a lot more room for things if I use the felt lines hangers. They are also great because even the thinnest of silk straps won't slip off.


    And the one tiny pet peeve I have with wooden hangers, they can leave indents on the shoulders of certain items.

  5. ahhhh good to know! I'll have to pick them up from Tarjeee. I use plastic hangers and sometimes they just don't work well.

  6. I've heard good things about those felt hangers.

  7. I've heard good things about those felt hangers.

  8. Ross has great deals on wooden hangers. You have to catch them when they first get there. They go fast.

  9. I'm a plastic girl, with a few satin ones for my pretty things. Ooh la la.

    Winks & Smiles,

  10. I'm a straight wood hanger girl and only get those that look like cherry wood. I found them an easy and inexpensive way to classy up my closet. I usually get mine from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (with my 20% off coupon).

    I do have a few of the felt hangers that I use for camisoles, but I primarily use the wood ones for my wardrobe.

  11. My closet is a wreck. And I don't use wire hangers but I have plastic hangers galore. I really need to switch my closet to that of a big girl!

  12. I dont use wire hangers,hate them! I use plastic hangers that come like 10 for a buck. I haven't upgraded to wooden hangers though.


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