April 20, 2009

I'm Obsessed With Sandals For Summer '09!

*dancing to Mary J Blige's "Just Fine"*

Good morning and Happy Monday, Lovelies!

I do hope y'all had a great weekend. Mine didn't go exactly as planned. We unexpectedly ended up at the ER on Friday night with Mama TBS and my orchestrated plans came undone. The good news: a breast cancer survivor, Mama TBS is doing better and at home. She's a tough cookie! The downside: I had to postpone Saturday night's soiree. I literally slept through noon on Sunday and am slowly recovering.

Between naps on Saturday night, I watched "Grey Gardens" on HBO. Oh, what a fascinating story. Because we don't go to a lot of movies at the theater, premium channels are an investment in our entertainment. It's movies like this that makes me appreciate the corners that we cut. Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange were remarkable. If you didn't know, I am enchanted by The Kennedys and Camelot. This movie fed directly into my obsession. Do catch it if you can.

On Sunday afternoon, I had a couple of errands that were put off from Saturday. On my way back from the market, I stumbled upon one of my shoe haunts. Before long, I was scooping up the pair pictured above. Aren't they delightful? Don't tell Mr TBS, but they were only $20. Shhhhhhhh...

This leads me to my obsession du jour: sandals. More specifically...flat thongs. I'm really looking for an embellished pair along the same style. The more baubles, the better! I am also plotting on these, thanks to NikkiD13 (I saw her sporting a similiar clear and bejeweled pair). The Burberrys are not the most inexpensive but they warrant a place amongst the rest of my shoe collection. An investment shoe...Yeah. That's it. At least that'll be what I tell Mr TBS.

Are YOU obsessed with sandals this season? What kind/style tickles your fancy?


  1. Omg. Love those. I found a blooming pair at Ross in the Edgewood Retail District (by Little 5 Points) for $12.99. They have a pink rosette with a matching pink sole. Tres cute!

  2. Now I am coveting your sandals! What a great look and a great price - the double whammy! I am always on the hunt for a great shoe so I guess the only thing left to do is use our superpowers for good and go shopping together! ;)

  3. Tiffany In HoustonApril 20, 2009 at 3:33 PM

    I want a funky fresh pair of red wedges. I am going to attempt a maxi dress and I need to be TALLLLLLLLL!!!!!

    I also covet anything with a platform and sky high heels. I am trying to preserve the sexy on the eve of my 36th birthday.

  4. Really cute! I got a great pair of Unisa strappy snakeskin wedges on Zappos.com for a deal. They even overnighted them for no charge! Best, yet, those babies are comfortable! Love sandal season!

  5. Can't wait to rock some sandals - I definitely need to shop for some new ones. Hmm, I feel an outing coming on.

    Winks & Smiles,


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