April 22, 2009

Recipes Via Twitter...Really.

I was reading the New York Times and came upon this story about a delightful woman who tweets recipes....all in 140 characters or less. Can you imagine that?! A tweet-a-holic like me is getting nervous twitches as I even think about it. The meals serve 3-4 and vary based on cuisine-type and such.

Check the link: twitter.com/cookbook

Here is an example of a recipe:

Saffron Asparagus Orzo: brwn c orzo/T butter/garlic; +.25t saffron&s+p/2.5c broth. Cvr@low9m; +2c asparagus3m. Fold+8T parmesan. Srv w parm.

Do you use Twitter? If so, what types of things do you tweet? If not, why? Aren't I nosey?
Photo credit: The New York Times


  1. I have a confession. I don't know what it is but am very familiar with all the buzz about twitter! Do I need another mode of communication if that is indeed what it is???

  2. I tweet. Sometimes I'm on a roll and sometimes I just sit back and "people watch."

  3. i twitter all the time (stephintoronto) and have come to love it. i use it to follow many of the people who's blogs i read and also to communicate with the wider migraine community. it's great. we also share a lot of deals and steals! i write haikus too. it's fun. hope to see you there soon.


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