April 30, 2009

Lilly Who?

By now, most of you have gotten to know TBS's crew of friends and surely you remember the oh-so-darling Katie T. Complete opposites in more than the obvious ways, we have just as much in common. She is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, a trustworthy confidante and LOVES shopping (yay!).

On Tuesday evening, I was in Tar-zhay (to pick up vitamins and vitamins ONLY) and came upon a line of bejeweled sandals by 'Miss Trish of Capri'. It broke my heart that the inventory was nearly depleted. I was further crestfallen when I realized that of the 'road kill' there was nothing over a size 8 (and your dear TBS is an 11 aka 'the box'). I made mental notes to 1) check online for my size and 2) tell Katie T.

Well...I did and I did. Within 5 minutes of telling her, we were on our way to Tar-zhay during our lunch hour. Katie T got the gold Lion Sandals and I ordered the brown Turtle Sandals. And boy were we proud of our be-crittered shoes. And what a steal for $30 and some change! A fan of Lilly Pulitzer, Katie pulled up their site when we returned and we were thrilled to find that our Tar-zhay sandals were nearly dead ringers (except for different critters, of course) at a fraction of the cost.

InStyle magazine featured these sandals recently and they're flying off Target's shelves. If you go to Ebay, the demand is so high, they're being sold for nearly twice face value...wow!

And yes...I am a sandal whore. I've been exposed.

Who is your favorite shopping partner and what are your fave stores/things to shop for?


  1. I am sooo excited about my $220 savings and will be sporting these all summer!!!

  2. From one sandal whore to another - well done! ;)
    I think a trip to Tar-jay is in order today.....

  3. Shopping is never better than with my best friend Amy! Kohls, Target, DSW and The Limited are definite weaknesses. Tar-jay is in some trouble tomorrow is pay day, alllllll shooot!

  4. I checked these sandals out two days ago online. Who knew??

  5. Hunny, I"m just a shoe and bag ho, altogether. these are adorable. Jewels for the feet are so in this year.

  6. My sister is my FAVORITE shopping buddy but I'll have to say that shopping with Erica B. is like having your very own stylist with you. :)

  7. I normally shop solo - gasp! And I must admit I am a Target girl, too.

    Winks & Smiles,

  8. OMG! just got back from Tarjay :) and was looking for these too! But dammit they did not have my size either!!! Seriously why were there only size 6.5 left?

  9. Marshalls is good for Lily. I've picked up a few things from there for a STEAL, some things I'm rockin myself, others were put on ebay and snatched up with the quickness. LOL

    I wish I had a shopping buddy.

    Ruelala had her boutique today.

  10. IM going to go the Target by me an see if they have these soo cute!

  11. Ooooh, I used to be a sandal whore before the economy wrecked our business. I just dust off my old collection and pray for a sandal stimulus package:) Love these:)


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