April 29, 2009

From Dear Reader, Babs: Summer(-ish) Bedding On A Budget

Dear TBS,

Now that summer as officially arrived (in the middle of April *eyeroll*) I find myself suffering at night when I am trying to get my required beauty sleep. I appreciate the weight and warmth of my comforter, but I find myself waking up sweating in the middle of the night. I don't want to run my air conditioner all night long just so I can stay burrowed under the covers. I would like to find an affordable light-weight bedding solution for the warm months ahead.

Do you have any suggestions?


My dearest Babs,

Oh how I feel your pain! We musn't allow ANYTHING to interfere with our beauty rest. TBS recommends a lightweight down alternative comforter slipped in a fabulous duvet or comforter cover. It's a great choice if you keep your bedroom at 70 degrees or so.

Down alternative is wonderful because it should not affect any allergies that you may have.

A REAL down comforter runs from $300-600 but you can certainly find the alternative version for less than $100. Macy's signature Charter Club line has a great one (check the reviews) but you should couple your purchase with a 20% off coupon. Since Mother's Day is just around the bend, you should expect one in your local newspaper or an online coupon code soon.

Not only will this comforter be wonderful this summer but it'll keep you warm in the dead of winter. Since you're making a slight investment, I think a duvet/comforter cover will allow you to freshen your look each seasonally AND control your temperature. Overstock.com has a sweet variety of budget-friendly covers which start at about $50 and FREE SHIPPING! Target also has a fab trove of options.

Good luck with your shopping and please let me know how it turns out!

Dear Darling Readers, do you have the same quandary as Babs? How do you handle it?
Photo credit: M. Carter


  1. Let me just saw how much I love to sleep and how much I love good bedding! I love buying high thread count sheets at low prices. I will have to check out overstock.com - I do most of my damage when I shop at the outlets. All I can say is once you go Egytian cotton you don't go back! ;)

  2. Well, these days when I wake up in the middle of a night hot, I panic, because I think it's Hot Flash!!! When I realize it's my blanket I happily kick that thing off and drift on back to sleep:)

  3. I also love the weight of a comforter year round. I've been using a light weight down-alternative comforter and a tower fan. I really hate fans, but I found a quiet one that doesn't stand out too much in my bedroom.

  4. Overstock.com is EXCELLENT! I use a coverlet in the Spring and Summer with a ceiling fan.

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