April 8, 2009

Eddie's Done It Again: Inspiration On A Budget!

Are you swooning yet? If I know y'all, you are! Take a pass at Eddie Ross' contribution to the New Orleans Home and Garden Show. I nearly fainted when I saw it.

Do you know what I love most about this guy? He gives props to those of us with REAL pocketbooks (read: on a budget). He balances antiques with practical pieces that can be copped from Wal-mar-TAY and Lowe's. I am still fuming that I missed his trip to Scott's when he was in Atlanta earlier this year.

Anywho...these Chippendale chairs at $125....I'm subject to drive to New Orleans to bring them home. In my mind, they rightfully belong to me.

Enjoy the pics and, if you don't already, subscribe to Eddie's blog.

Speaking of home shows, do you frequent them in your area for ideas? When was the last time you attended one and where?

Photo courtesy: eddieross.com


  1. I learned the hard way that home and garden shows in the DC Metro area are EXTREMELY different from the home and garden shows in the South. I think it has to do with the cost of space.

    That said, I LURVE home and garden shows down South...up this way however? Will never waste good money on another one ever.again.

  2. This is pretty cool.


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