April 7, 2009

Helllllllppppppppp! TBS Needs A New Time Management System

Recently, I've begun to feel that my life is spinning out of control from a time-management perspective. Here lately, I'm feeling more and more overwhelmed with working a full-time job, contributing to a wonderful marriage, parenting a very active teenager (whom I can not WAIT to get his driver's license) and building a phenomenal empire.

Things have gotten so bad recently that I have threatened to suspend the blog. *insert Karyn White's "Superwoman" here*

In years past, I have used the Franklin Covey time management system but I am beginning to think that I've outgrown it. What I have realized is that I need one tool that manages everything AND I'm a jotter...so it needs to be something that I write in/on because a PDA won't work (been there, done that).

The dear Colleen recommended a system called the Planner Pad and it doesn't work...not enough space. I carry it around like it's actually useful when, in fact, I just need to throw it away: not feeling it. At. All.

At this point, I'm willing to try anything.

I don't mean to sound needy but I soooo need your help. Y'all are some of the most organized, smart and dynamic readers in the blogosphere.

What do you recommend to TBS (and any others who might be struggling with the same challenge)? Helppppp! Wah, wah, waaaaahhh!


  1. OK, I'm so going through the same thing - except I work from home. I wish I had the answer ... when you figure it out do tell!

    Oh, and you are building a phenomenal empire - truly! Please don't give it up ...

    Winks & Smiles,

  2. I create custom/personalized Time Management planners for busy women with busy lives. My website is http://www.mylifeontime.com. I'd love to help you design a planner that works for YOU!

  3. I am here to commiserate and congratulate you on speaking the truth! What did we learn yesterday on Oprah - too many women are pretending to have it ALL UNDER CONTROL! I struggle daily with time management and feel guilty when I can't complete my to-do list. I look forward to hearing what you followers have to say and I will share any advice/tips I pick up along my way - as long as I can find time to tell ya! ;)

  4. From the outside looking in you're doing a MARVELOUS job. However I feel your pain. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to implode.

  5. Ladies,
    I think a TBS Time Management Class is in order...hmmmm....something fun and chic. Let me add this to my list *le sigh*

  6. You should try www.reqall.com - you can text, phone, e-mail or actually log into the site in order to make a note, add something to a calendar, or a shopping list. It recognizes words like "buy" or certain dates and automatically sorts the information. Plus it will sync with the gmail calendar and e-mail and text message you reminders.

  7. Start charting your internet time to increase productivity. I use RescueTime (www.rescuetime.com). You can set goals and monitor how long you are spending on time wasters.

    Other than RescueTime, I use Google products like Google Reader and Google Calendar. I'm a student with 21 credits this semester while deeply entrenched in social media research. These products keep me balanced - and they're free!

    Hope this helped :)

  8. Also, you may want to consider that maybe it isn't just time management. Maybe you're really just doing too much. What about a personal concierge service for some of the things you may be doing today that someone else can do for you. I've used one in the past, and it really helped tremendously to have someone else do things like errands, grocery shopping sometimes, even my expense reports. Anyway, something to consider.

  9. I use Entourage. It's Outlook for a Mac and I use it in conjunction with my Blackberry. I suffer from CRS (Can't remember _____) and I need something with me at all times in order to keep me on track.

    HOWEVER, I truly live my life casually these days so if I don't get around to doing something on my list...I know there is always tomorrow.

    Or the next day. :)


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