March 9, 2009

How Does A Broke Socialite Spend Wisely?

We should at least begin the week with good intentions, right?

Of course we should! I couldn't possibly ask you to turn down every deal or treat to yourself but do consider this tip:

How A Broke Socialite Spends Wisely:

Use online tools that your bank offers. For example, Wells Fargo’s My Spending Report with BudgetWatch lets you see where your money’s going and where you can cut back. The $40 you spend monthly for gas and electric? Probably not worth cutting back on, especially in winter. The $70 you spend monthly for a daily latte? Yep, $3.50 a day adds up to that Marc Jacobs bag you’ve been drooling over.
Where do you think you might trim your spending?

This tip has been provided by Wells Fargo.

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