March 9, 2009

Life Is Good For TBS: A Shoe Coup (Of Course)!

I had the most remarkable weekend. It wasn't that I experienced anything different or new but the warmth of the sun (and especially after last week's snow) just put an extra pep in my step. On Sunday afternoon, I managed a few good deals which I'll share with you this week. Rest assured...these are deal that I simply couldn't leave behind.

As you have likely surmised, I am addicted. Addicted to shoes. Yes. Am I ashamed? Absolutely, positively not. What you should know is that I never, ever pay full price. Does that make my sickness any less real? Absolutely, positively not. When you see these shoes and hear about the deal, you'll understand why.

Originally $325 smackeroos, I scored these from the Nordstrom Rack: Cole Haan (with Nike Air Technology) Leopard Pony Hair Print Pumps for $119 dollars! Since I didn't have my paper bag handy and was shopping alone, I reached out to my Twitter network. The dearest Nicole of The Sale Rack and Melanie of Lucky Paperie were my "Jills-On-The-Spot" and co-signed that it was such the great deal. Nicole even did some quick comparison shopping and immediately tweeted that she couldn't find a better price on the shoe.

When I got home, I checked here and here...Nicole was on the money!

Don't you love 'em?

Did you enjoy any steals this weekend?


  1. You know I found some great shoes by JCrew for 16.99 couldnt beat that and one pair was pink I love them so!


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