March 9, 2009

Blogger Shout-Out: Meet The Penny Pinching Diva!

I recently discovered that The Penny Pinching Diva is tangentially connected to my network in the blogosphere. You think "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" can be bizarre? Ahhhhhhh, the connections amongst bloggers can sometimes be freakish!

I am most immediately connected to The Penny Pinching Diva via my dear friend, Christie of My Life - A Work In Progress. I finally got an opportunity to take a pass at TPPD's platform and review her tips, tricks and resources. All I can say is this: get over there quickly! If you're looking to save a buck (and, these days, who isn't?), she'll put you on the right path.

Everyone wave at The Penny Pinching Diva! I hope you'll take advantage of her blog. Do let her know that TBS sent you her way.

What are some of YOUR favorite blogs? Here's your chance to give them a "shout out" and drive some traffic their way!


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  2. check out:

  3. My favorite blogs don't fit your genre.

  4. Thank you so much for featuring me on your site. I have been visiting your site for awhile now. I found you through Christie as well. (I love her radio show.)

    Take care!


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