February 23, 2009

Stanton Home Furnishings 20-80% Off Through March 1!

I was walking past one of my favorite home interiors spots (Stanton Home Furnishings) in Atlanta yesterday and noticed the sign above on their door. As a matter of fact, they were not open on Sunday in preparation for this blowout sale. I'm not sure to what we owe the discount (I'm guessing slow sales) but EVERYTHING in the store will be 20-80% off beginning today.

Located at 1250 Caroline Street, Suite C120 in Atlanta, it's such a fun place to peruse. I can't say that I've bought a lot out of this boutique because, frankly, they are usually very pricey. It seems that now might be my opportunity. I'll likely swing by this weekend. Perhaps as the sale goes on, the price points will go down...I'll take my chances.

For those of you not in Atlanta, on-line shopping is available.


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