February 23, 2009

Car Wash and Enchiladas: I'll Try Anything Once!

Rose Royce: This is the closest I could get to the stage. (above)
My Sunday Night Enchiladas(above)

Good morning!
I hope everyone had a great weekend.
This weekend, TBS tried a couple of new things: enchiladas and a free concert. The free concert (YAY!) took place at a lounge here in Atlanta and featured Rose Royce (you know....of 'Car Wash' fame). Not that adventurous, this wasn't an outing that I'd...errraaahhh... normally take advantage of. After being convinced to give it a try by my friend Kerol, I had a wonderful time.
I also tried a new recipe on Sunday: chicken enchiladas. I know they aren't that difficult to make but I'd never gotten around to them. I used a hybrid recipe: a portion from my friend Anja and elements of Tyler Florence's recipe from Food Network. I think they turned out great and they were inexpensive to boot.
Did you try anything new this weekend?

1 comment:

  1. Surely did..I made steak and onions and it came out soooo yummy!


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