February 6, 2009

Laid Off And No Business Cards?

For those who have been downsized, it's still important to have a polished and professional way to exchange your contact information during interviews and networking events. Etsy is a great option for those on a budget who need calling cards.

Your industry dictates how creative or polished they should be. I've included some links below.

Please share with friends and family who might be in the job market.

Damask calling card - 24 cards for $12.50
Floralia calling card - 25 cards for $12.00
Letterpress cards - 50 cards for $40.00
Fill-in-the-blank cards - 100 cards for $35.00
William calling card - 30 cards for $10.00

For more options, search Etsy for "calling cards".

Do you have calling cards?


  1. So true...

    I need to get me some "calling cards", I have not been to any "networking" events post layoff, but every outing is truly a networking event.

  2. @Keli:
    Thanks for your comment. I think calling cards are imperative to your personal brand and I hope you'll grab some soon. Good luck with your networking efforts.

  3. Those are really cute and eye-catching! I would sit up and take notice of the person handing me one of those!


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