February 6, 2009

Between A Shoe and A Hard Place

Dear Mr TBS,
Hello there! I hope you're having a wonderful day. You know that I love you so, right? Well, our good thing may come to an end because you've forbidden me from bringing another pair of slingbacks into our home. I think I even heard you mumble something about putting my bags outside the door. Well, the peep toes above are as good as mine. Gotta have them. They're sooooooooooooooooooo TBS. When we took our vows, I thought we'd never part 'til death or until you made me choose between you and a pair of shoes. The shoes will win every time. (read: please, please, please let me have these shoes. I promise I won't talk anymore trash).
Check out these shoes at BODEN USA. For a 10% discount and free shipping, use coupon code WMAR.


  1. Dear Mr. TBS:




  2. @CreoleInDC....you have no idea how badly I want these. Aren't they so "me"? *sigh* sure enough.


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