February 19, 2009

Boot Hoo Hoo: Will These Ever Go On Sale?

I thought I'd let everyone in on a little secret today. I am a whore for boots. Yes...short, tall, suede, leather...you name it. As you can imagine, I don't do cheap boots (or shoes for that matter). I also do not pay full price for them. Certainly you're not surprised? My tactics are typically enforced at seasons' end.

I've been watching the splendid pair above for about 6 months now...you could probably call what I'm doing 'lying in wait'. Originally $450, these Kenneth Cole lovelies have been reduced to $240. Yeah...still not low enough. Let's say it all together: I am The BROKE Socialite.

Are you waiting on anything to drop further in price before buying?


  1. I'm scared that if I wait, my size won't be available any longer. I can't wait. I tried TBS...I promise you I tried.


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