January 3, 2009

Remember This?: Patience Is A Virtue When Bargain Shopping

Remember this?

Though I tried to remain cool, calm and collected about the temporary loss, I really, really, really wanted this lamp. It was the "me" of all things luminary. I couldn't believe that I let it slip through my fingers. It had little to do with cost but more to do with discipline.

When I was visiting Monica in DC, I saw it again. This time the design gods mocked me because they knew that I couldn't stuff it in my luggage and fly it back to Atlanta.

Yesterday my mom, Mama TBS, and I were seeking the Maxx for the Minimum at a suburban TJ Maxx location and, sure enough, I found the same lamp and snatched it up with lightning speed: the third time is surely a charm.

What did I learn? Oh where shall I begin:

1. If you see something you want and there is a limited inventory, snatch it up. It's not guaranteed to be there later. Note: do be certain to check the Return Policy

2. Don't settle for less when bargain shopping. I'd seen lots of "so-so" lamps over the past few weeks but none as perfect as this one. Similar to my quest for the right desk chair, I did not submit to mediocrity.

*Virtual Hi-Fives to you all*

1 comment:

  1. This is EXCELLENT advice TBS! Don't ever settle when you have your mind set on a vision. GO HEAD GIRL!


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