January 3, 2009

New For 2009: Mr TBS Reveals Himself

Every time I turn around, Mr TBS is asking me questions about the blog, its readers and how things are going in general. He has even drummed up the nerve to submit a comment or two recently. Since he is becoming more engaged, I think it's time that he steps around the iron curtain.

You've heard me allude to him and have read his mostly snarky comments, so here he is: Mr TBS. My husband of nearly 9 years, my confidante, best friend and advisor. He, too, loves bargain shopping (he's sporting one of his $90 Polo jumpers which his wife *blushing* scored for him on eBay for $30 plus shipping) and is a blog whore as sure as the day is long.

Mr TBS is an all-around Renaissance guy: he could easily battle Chuck Todd in a game of rattling-off a bevy of statistics, enjoys the occasional Black and Tan, is a techie (by profession and at heart), has musical taste which ranges from The Eagles to Foreign Exchange and is definitely a man's man (he could barely be bothered during the Falcons v Cardinals game so that I could snap this photo).

Welcome, my dear. Wave to everyone!
Will y'all make Mr TBS feel welcomed?


  1. Welcome Mr. TBS! We ADORE your wife!!!!!!

  2. Happy New Year Mr. TBS! Long time no see....Mr. Holly GoLightly would like to know if you've managed to convince your lovely wife that the surround sound system is as necessary as indoor plumbing? Sorry TBS - I was pressured to ask!

  3. I had to come back and say something about them frames. THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOO HAWT! GO MR. TBS! (I know your wife picked them out huh?)

  4. Welcome Mr. TBS! Thanks for sharing your wife with us!

  5. @The HollyGoLightlys: we MUST get together soon. We are all very pitiful. Mr TBS did get surround sound...sorta. It's a Bose system that's located in The Dungeon/Man Cave.

    @CreoleInDC: I wish I could take credit for the frames. Mr TBS exhibits a glimmer of style every now and then. LOL!

  6. Tiffany In HoustonJanuary 4, 2009 at 11:58 PM

    Hey Mr TBS!!! As a glasses wearing girl myself, I'm checking for those frames!!!!!!

  7. Greetings to all of the TBS readers. The kind words are greatly appreciated.


    TBS is still trying to browbeat me into wearing contacts. I'm fighting her tooth and nail.

    Ms. Golightly,

    Still scheming on the surround sound system. I've also added a deep fryer to my wish list. Please send my regards to Mr. Golightly.


    Maybe you can confirm my sartorial splendor to my wife, a constant critic of my haberdashery.

  8. Mr TBS,
    Don't get put out, OK?
    And we're still not getting a deep fryer.


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