January 23, 2009


If one of the most funnest (yes, I said "funnest") cutest, talented, beautiful, funniest (and every other superlative that's a word...or sorta) interior designers (who shall remain nameless for now...I can hardly contain myself) were going to lend her expertise to TBS readers from a budgetary tips perspective, what might you want her to cover? Antiquing on a Dime? Bedding On A Budget? 5 Must Haves For Your Home Under $100?

Think about it...what tips and tricks have you always wanted to know?

Would, if you were in Atlanta, be interested in field trips with TBS and said talented, awesome, fun, (did I mention talented) designer?

This is your chance....

Pipe in now...

I'm working on this with you in mind...

Now, back to my sick bed (but I can't stop thinking about how fab this is going to be!)....


  1. Definitely 5 must haves for the home under $100.00. Field trips?? With TBS?? Of course!! I love field trips!!

  2. Anything about functional storage space.

  3. Field trip with TBS OMG that would be awesome

    JB - Albany

  4. The 5 must haves sounds good. I actually need some help with decorating awkward spaces (living and dining room combined, one wall is windows, walkway in the middle of the space, and it's an apartment).

  5. Count me in for Field Trips! Sounds like you are cooking up something great, I can't wait.

  6. I'll surely drive up for that field trip.
    5 must haves, storage, decorating for combined spaces are all things I'm interested in.

  7. I would definitely love field trips. I'd like to see something on how to give a room 'pizazz'. As in how to 'finish' a room - the small stuff after you've covered the big items - rugs, furniture, etc.


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