December 11, 2008

TBS Tip: The Sweetest Dessert Plates...Four For Two Dollars!

I'm having a swanky little cocktail party tonight and swung into Ballard's Backroom to pick up a serving tray or two and ran across these cute dessert plates. Originally $40 for the set, I managed to get the set for $2.
These beautiful coral plates inspired a TBS epiphany: wouldn't these be great to deliver cookies for holiday gifts? All that's missing are cellophane and nice ribbon. What's better is the plates can serve as a component of the gift and do not need to be returned to you.
TBS Tip Number Four Thousand and Eighty: Keep your eyes peeled for cute but inexpensive plates in discount stores. They can sweeten the deal with dessert-centric gifts.!


  1. Love the dessert plates! I am planning my own lil holiday party as well. I'll be taking notes from you and this weekend ;-)

  2. @kisz4tj: You do know that we expect pictures, right? Thanks for stopping by. Happy Friday.

  3. Thank you for sharing about this spot. I see that I will need to plan a trip to their location in Roswell.


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