December 16, 2008

Reader Alicia Needs Our Help: New Year's Eve In New York and No Dress!

One of my dearest friends and most wonderful girls in the world, Alicia (isn't she gorgeous?!),is up in arms today! She left a message in the chat box (to the right, to the right) outlining her New Year's Eve plans. Unfortunately, she has no dress and finds herself on a budget.

Ever so fashionable and classically stylish, Alicia can't wear just any dress to ring in 2009.

Though TBS appreciates a frugal purchase and because Alicia is 23 years old, this is not the time to swing into Forever 21. TBS also knows that Alicia appreciates timeless pieces and loves to mix old and new. For that reason, I'm going to recommend that she goes youthfully vintage. Think Carrie Bradshaw with a Southern Belle does Gotham City twist.
I recommend that Alicia approach her shopping from a couple of different angles since she has a couple of weeks left before heading to NYC. First of all, she should set a budget. Then she should visit local vintage boutiques, consignment shops and, maybe eBay. To lessen expenses, she should try to build her ensemble around shoes that she already has since she's visiting such a pedestrian city.
As far as dress selection etiquette tips for New Year's Eve: there are no rules! As long as all of the appropriate body parts are covered, shapewear is in place (should it be necessary), you feel beautiful and are having fun, everything is fair game. Let your gut be your guide!
Perhaps I can convince Alicia to share her final choices with us.
Any tips that you'd like to share with her?


  1. Thanks TBS for the wonderful advice! I will make sure to send pics of my final choices.


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