December 17, 2008

Don't We L-O-V-E This Shirt?

If TBS had a uniform, this shirt would certainly be its anchor. I wonder why?
Happy Hump Day!
Photo: Lands End


  1. Who knew Lands End had such cute shirts? I was just perusing the website and its great! Maybe I will add a few of these to my last minute Christmas list :)

  2. @KatieT-they really, really do. And if you order something from Lands End and it doesn't work, you can return it to any Sears store if you don't want to hassle with shipping it back. The quality of their shirts is awesome and they often have great online coupons!

  3. TBS I actually love how you practice what you preach. The oufit with the shirt (posted) that you are wearing today is super cute!


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