December 16, 2008

Five Shoes Every Woman Should Have From (Who Else?) Isaac

Do you have a high heeled sandal?

What about a mule?

A flat? "Toe character"? Don't you love it?

A clog?

A flat sneaker?


  1. LOL! Yes. Plenny. Not plenty...PLENNY.

  2. I have all of those, even the clog.

  3. Mmmm, this is one time I have to differ with His Geniusness. I just don't do flats, and I feel plain silly in clogs. Otherwise, I have plenny too ;)

  4. Uh oh, I don't own any clogs and don't really have plans to buy any either.

  5. I have one pair of suede Cole Haan clogs that I whip out occasionally but I, too, (dare I say it?) part company with IM on that portion of the recommendation.


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