December 9, 2008

The iPhone Soon To Be $99: From Reader Sara B

Y'all have probably heard the reports today: Wal-Mart will be peddling iPhones soon for $99.

As you may remember, I got mine back in September and can't imagine my life without it, quite frankly. When I was in San Francisco, I left my iPhone on the seat of the cab in haste. You'd better believe that I tracked that cabbie down. It was certainly a sight to behold.

If you don't have an iPhone and want one, will this lower price encourage you to join the iPhone Owners Club?

Thanks for sharing, Sara B!


  1. This is very attractive to me as a BB user but I don't like the data plans that come with. And I am an ATT customer!

    Also you can't talk and text with an iphone and there's no copy/paste which I use alot!

    But I can't lie and say that price isn't right.

  2. No. I got beef with AT&T and I don't like folks controlling what provider I want to use. Leads to price gouging. Imma stick with Blackberry until the contract is up in 2011. THEN I shall be an iPhone owner with T-Mobile.

  3. If iPhone users didnt have to have AT&T service, I would jump on this deal, but alas, their signal is horrible where I live *pout* (i used to have them and as soon as I drove into my community, my signal disappeared)

  4. I'm a T-Mobile girl and I have T-Mobile G1, which is kinda like their version of the iPhone. I use to be a Cingular customer, hence the reason I'm now with another provider.


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