December 8, 2008

Kelly H Trumps J Crew With (What Else) Tar-Zhay: And You?

A motley crew of us were dining in the kitchen for lunch today when the dear Kelly H(LOVE her), our eco-chic TBS reader and friend, began to receive compliments left and right about the cutest jacket that she was wearing. It was slightly cropped and be-ruffled along the breast, collar and cuffs. 'Twasn't long before she spilled the beans: she'd been perusing Tar-Zhay this weekend and came upon it during her shopping. You should have heard us fawning over it.

Well, Katie T and I nearly lost it again when we saw a similar jacket at J Crew for three times Kelly's purchase price. Who would know the difference?

Lord knows I love myself some J Crew but I'm forced to put down my allegiances for Kelly's find, if only for a little while.

The first pic is the J Crew inspiration jacket ($90 but originally $200):

This is the fab Kelly H in her $30 Tar-Zhay version.

What has Tar-Zhay done for you lately? Any great finds to share?


  1. Okay...TBS challenge...gimme something I can talk bout with you today...PUHLEEEEEEEEZZZZEEE! I love this site so and I wanna play too! Can we start planning after Christmas sale targets? :)

  2. That jacket is so cute! I have a pattern that could easily knock that off. Maybe corduroy... hmmm.

  3. I love this jacket...its sooo me! I didn't see it in Tar-Zhay this weekend.

  4. @CreoleInDC: so you say you want a challenge? Let me get a handle on my afternoon and I'll let you know:-)

    @Erica B.: please, please, please make one. Again...sending my "material"

    @kisz4tj: it is more darling in person than you could ever imagine. I think you should go back and look for it. I've seen pics and this would def be cute on you.

  5. That happens with my Tarzhay outfits all the time. People don't believe that Target holds so many treasures lol

  6. Okay, I am a torn woman. While I love J. Crew and their extra 15% off with a student i.d., I have a soft spot in my heart for Tarzhay and their oh so adorable jackets and cardigans....I'll be stopping by on my lunch break to seek out this gem!!!

  7. I just bought this exact same jacket last night(1/14/2009) for 5.24!!! I'm wearing it today and have received many compliments. Oh how I love those orange stickers!!! ANd the extra 30% off had me swooning!!!


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