December 21, 2008

I Found A Desk!

...and I absolutely love it. Let the empire-building continue from this desk! It reeks The Broke Socialite as it was only...get this...$75! Yes, yes, yes! Originally nearly $700, it will be delivered the week after Christmas. Now I'm not so sure about the blue and white Parson chair...I think I need something with a little more pizazz!

I've included a picture of my inspiration office in case you forgot:

Budget = $500
Chair = $20
Desk = $75

Balance = $405 (YAY!!!)

Like the desk?


  1. Girl you need to take this show on the ROAD! That desk is FA-BU-LOUS!

    I can see why you're rethinking the chair you have now. You need some POP! That hot pink in the inspiration photo is HOT! But since it's a Parson's chair you can get that covered right? Go to Calico corners and find something in their clearance stack.

  2. That desk is amazing!!! Where on earth did you get it for 75 bucks??????

  3. That price is mind boggling! Fabulous desk!

  4. Thanks, Ladies. I picked up this desk from Ballard's Backroom, Ballard Designs outlet here in Atlanta. There are only 3 outlet stores in the country :-( but :-) for me(tee hee hee): 2 here in Atlanta and 1 in South Florida.

  5. I'll take that Parson's chair off your lovely hands if you choose to go in another direction. ;)
    Merry Christmas!! -Frisbee

  6. I love that desk. Absolutely love it!


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