December 21, 2008

Shopping My Closet - The "While-I'm-At-Home-On-Holiday" Makeover Edition

Happy Sunday again!

For the next two weeks, I am officially on holiday. Can't you hear the delight in my voice? I am soooooo thrilled. One of things that I plan to do is purge our home of clothing that we no longer wear and home decor that we no longer use.

Some of the items will make it over to Goodwill or Salvation Army; other things, I think, I will FINALLY get around to hanging/situating in our home.
The sweetness: I will not spend a dime (and I'll stay in Mr TBS's good financial graces)!

It's so much fun to rediscover items that originally caught my eye when we first moved into our home nearly two years ago. Though I didn't quite have a fit for them upon purchase, I just knew my finds would eventually ease themselves into the character of our home. Awwwwwwwwwww.....

Here they are:

A set of red iron sconces purchased for $15 on eBay (I may paint them)

A sea life print purchased for $20 from Ballard Backroom (It will likely end up in the powder room)

A lamp-style sconce purchased for $5 at a designer's liquidation sale (the jury is still out on this piece)

Do you ever purchase anything because it has a certain je na sais quoi yet you don't know how you'll use it?


  1. Yup. You should have done this post before your visit and maybe you could have relieved me of some of the goodies in my basement storage. LOL!

  2. I love the sconces! Think painting them would be a fab idea!

  3. You never cease to amaze me! That stuff is great! And soooo you!


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