December 16, 2008

Oh Snap! Elliott Lucca Coup by Shannon S

Well, well, well...a one Ms Shannon S has a coup for us this afternoon. Last evening, we were at Shelley's and she shared that she'd gotten a great deal on an Elliott Lucca bag.

Purchased at Macy's and partially with a gift certificate, she only ended up paying $78. Imagine her surprise when she noticed that the original price of the bag was $372! Look at the hardware on the closure...oh snap! How beautiful.

This is a TBS coup if I ever saw one!

We'll chat a bit more about the artistry that are Elliott Lucca bags later this week. If you're looking for a quality handbag, this line is remarkable. What's more is that they're beginning to make their way to discounter stores such as TJ Maxx, Marshall's and NOW Amazon!
From Shannon S to you, though, here's a link to this bag for $80.40 on Amazon. Chocolate, black patent, oxblood patent and black are still available.

Have you ever heard of Elliott Lucca? If so, what do you like about the bags that might help someone who might be considering the investment?


  1. If you like classic but chic hardware/detailing (buckles, links,etc) and great shapes, this is a good line if you are going full price!


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