December 10, 2008

Calling All Sizes 9, 9.5 And 10.5! Jimmy Choos for $378 at SAKS

Someone. Anyone. Please. Now.

Please pass me a paper bag. Hyperventilation is imminent.

Nearly 50 percent off! It's an investment and all that jazz. is!

Do it if you can! You'll be sporting them for the rest of your life (and, yes, even whilst you're in the nursing home).

I wish I could; you'll find out why I can't soon (and no I've not run Mr TBS into the poor house...yet)!


  1. Those are fabulous, but I am sure you can find similar shoes for less or maybe they will go down even farther in price next week?

  2. Those are some boss shoes AND an ankle strap too??? I have nice calves so I lurves me an ankle strap delight.

    But even 378 is a bit much for a household income of one! But I can dream can't I???

  3. @Britney and TIH...
    I understand! Gotta have a little something for everybody over here. Do I hear a challenge to find a similiar shoe at a more budget-friendly price point? It's on!

  4. hi there!! Im new to your site. I love the look of those Jimmy Choos!!

  5. @pparks3215...Welcome! Please continue to stop by! TBS


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