December 10, 2008

Off To The District This Weekend

CreoleInDC(above): isn't she a doll? All together now: LOVE her!

I am so looking forward to this weekend.
I am traveling to Washington, DC (for only the 2nd time in life, if you can believe that) with Babs to visit our sister-in-blogging, CreoleInDC. CreoleInDC is hosting her annual holiday party/cookie swap and I am thrilled that I have been invited to attend. In true Broke Socialite fashion, the total of my airline ticket was a great big $5.'ve gotta love frequent flyer miles, right?
I look forward to sharing stories and pictures upon my return. I know that we are in for a good time.
What have you planned for this weekend? I know it's only Wednesday! Didn't I say that I'm excited!


  1. What a fun weekend! We'll be decorating for Christmas. Hopefully, all of this rain will be gone by then.

  2. I am so jealous! I hope you enjoy my city! :)

  3. I wish you were bringing my daughter Colleen home with you...the 3 of us could get together!

  4. @Sue:
    Sue! gorgeous you are; now I know why your daughter is drop dead !Hopefully, I can get up there and paint the town red with you two.

  5. My book club is also having its holiday party on the 13th. Can't wait! Looking forward to hearing all about this fabulous event.

  6. CreoleinDC,

    Please take care of my wife while she is in your fair city. Don't let her besmirch our family honor by doing the "superman" at your "high brow" holiday gala.

    Yours Truly,

    Mr. TBS and Master TBS (aka Gareth)


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